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Policy – Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act  (April 8, 2021)

The Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act, 2005 (“the AODA”) is an Ontario Provincial Act with the purpose for organizations to develop, document, implement and maintain accessibility standards in order to achieve accessibility for persons with disabilities in Ontario, with respect to goods, services, employment, and transportation.

The purpose of this document is to communicate Cityscape’s Policy regarding AODA.  The full Policy and Plan document encompasses Cityscape’s Multi-Year Accessibility Plan required under AODA outlining the organization’s strategy to prevent and remove barriers and to meet the company’s requirements under the Regulation.  This Policy applies to all employees of Cityscape including management, administration, customer service personnel, sales and marketing, service technicians and maintenance workers.  As required under AODA, the Plan will be reviewed and updated at least once every five years.

Cityscape is committed to meeting the accessibility needs of persons with disabilities in a timely manner and to meeting its requirement required under the Act.  Cityscape is also committed to becoming a barrier free environment and meeting the requirements of all existing legislation and its own policies and goals related to identifying, removing and preventing barriers to people with disabilities that might interfere with their ability to interact with Cityscape. Cityscape’s commitment includes providing an accessible environment for all persons with disabilities consistent and respectful of the principles of independence, integration, dignity and equality of opportunity as part of its ongoing Multi-Year Plan. 

As part of its commitment, Cityscape will:

  1. Establish, document, implement and maintain this Policy/Plan as it relates to providing our services to people with disabilities and update it at minimum every five years.
  2. Allow people to use their own personal assistive devices and make available other measures to enable access to our services.
  3. Ensure our practices are consistent with the principles of independence, integration, dignity and equality of opportunity.
  4. Communicate with a person with a disability in a manner that takes into account his or her disability.
  5. Train our people responsible to develop this policy and who interact with customers, the public and/or third parties appropriately.
  6. Allow people with disabilities who visit our site(s) to be accompanied by a guide dog or service animal.
  7. Permit people with disabilities who use a support person to bring that person with them while accessing our products or services.
  8. Establish and maintain a process to provide feedback on how we provide our services to people with disabilities and how we will respond to such feedback and provide information about this process in alternate formats upon request.
  9. Notify the public about the availability of accessible formats and communication supports.
  10. Arrange for the provision of accessible formats and communications upon request to a person with a disability in format that takes into account the person’s disability.

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