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Landscape Lighting

Inviting, seductive, yet subtle light dancing around your outdoor spaces. Just imagine the possibilities for landscape lighting on your property.

With Ottawa Landscape Lighting systems you’ll enjoy your patio, lawn & gardens long after the sun sets.

Technology is changing the way we light our properties.

New low-voltage landscape lighting systems from Ottawa Landscape Lighting are unobtrusive, fully automatic, and designed with your personal tastes & lifestyle in mind. And outdoor/garden lighting is economical to operate, too especially our new, LED light fixtures.

  • Accent a favorite tree or landscape feature
  • Highlight inviting people places
  • Light your steps and walkways
  • Give safe, comfortable access for guests visiting your outdoor areas
  • Or provide a better sense of personal or family security

But how can you be sure you choose the right lighting contractor?

Before you make any decision on which landscape lighting contractor you’ll choose, be sure to educate yourself. Learn what you should look for, and what you should watch out for in the contractors you evaluate.

We know the process can be daunting – and that’s why we took the time to put together a special report to help you with the process… yours, FREE!

It’s full of tips, hints, tricks-of-the-trade and provocative industry insights most other landscape lighting contractors would rather you never found out about… a must-read if you’re serious about having a professionally designed and installed landscape lighting system – and avoiding the perils and pitfalls of choosing the wrong company to do it for you.

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